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CouplesMassage.jpgMassage Duet or Couples Massage

Spend some relaxing time with your partner or a friend at Akela Spa of Deadwood and enjoy your choice of any massage in our beautifully designed massage suite.  Add a bath in our oversized tub for happy peacefulness, romance, or deep relaxation.   All bath products are custom blended with aromatherapy oils mixed into a bath cream that creates lots of soft bubbles.                   *Spa Suite Services are $10 higher per service. (excluding Baths)

Available Suite Services

Facials and Body Treatments Services are available in the Akela Spa Suite. 

shutterstock_146547788.pngBaths with Aromatherapy

*Not available on Friday & Saturdays


I REJOICE – Like sunshine in a bottle, this is sweet, uplifting, and full of innocence and happiness.  Designed to shift mood to one of optimism, positivity and delight in life, it contains chamomile and ylang-ylang that are deeply soothing – helping unwind patterns of tension, frustration and irritability – and notes of organic citrus and vanilla to comfort and uplift.  Above all, this is a blend for your pure enjoyment.


I LOVE – For those who celebrate and love life.  This luxurious and delicious blend of floral, citrus and spice oils is designed to entice and relax, allowing energies to meet and merge.  Here all of life is celebrated and invited with one word…YES!  Invite harmony and synchronicity when you want to remind yourself of how sweet life is and how special you are.


I UNWIND – I Unwind is calming and relaxing in the deepest possible sense.  It is designed to center and ground our energy and encourage a profound sense of let-go.  The effect is to create a space of sanctuary where we can recover, both physically and mentally.  This blend is perfect for restlessness, nervous exhaustion and sleep difficulties.  It allows you to refocus in peaceful relaxation.


I PLAY – Play is good but can also result in bumps and bruises, sore muscles, and stiffness.  A potent extract of arnica flower and essential oil of immortelle are the repairing, anti-inflammatory powerhouses behind this blend, aided by the analgesic properties of organic clove and peppermint.  This blend will soothe and release sore, stiff muscles and joints, speed soft tissue repair and relax and ease breathing.  I Play helps you get ready to play another day.


Add a 30 Minute Aromatherapy Bath to your Duet Massage Service.   $75