Men's Spa Services

Akela Garden day pass is only $15 with any service to use hot tubs, steam room, sauna, and FIR sauna.


  • Akela Garden Memberships receive an additional 10% discount.


menmassage.jpgSignature Men's Product

Organic Male OM4 is the first complete skin type and condition-specific men's line to launch in the US.  OM4 is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality biodynamic and naturally occurring skin food to help you look and feel your best, at any age.


Hair/Beard Services

Haircut with shampoo  $20

Beard Trim                    $15

Beard Trim w/Soothing Treatment & Hot Towels  $20

Full Beard Treatment    $30 with Organic Male Products (OM4)

Includes Trim, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Soothing Treatment, & Hot Towels

Express Fitness Treatment $20

"Test-Drive" the OM4 products with this shampoo-bowl express treatment.

Eyebrow Wax                 $18

Cheek Wax                     $20

Jawline Wax                   $20



Nail Services

Organic Male Pedicure

A pedicure just for him!  Marine Mineral Soak, Grooming of nails & cuticles, callous work. Organic Male is designed to give special attention to provide relief for cracked heels, rough skin, and calluses using Citrus Bamboo Resurfacing Scrub, Soothing Mask, & Massage with Healing Herbal Foot Treatment.                   $65

Organic Male Manicure

A manicure just for him!  Marine Mineral Soak, Grooming of nails & cuticles. Using OM4's Citrus Bamboo Resurfacing Scrub, Soothing Mask, & Massage.                   $40



Men's Skin Fitness Treatment

Men’s skin differs significantly from women’s skin – we address this with a treatment and Organic Male products exclusively designed by men, for men.  We’ll quickly improve your skin, address your concerns and show you how to protect your appearance with an easy routine that requires less than 4 minutes to apply.  60 Min Service Includes hot towels, a warm oil neck and shoulder massage and Foot Loose citrus bamboo resurfacing foot scrub.

30/60 Minutes  $75/100                                                                                                                                              


Specialty Skin Care

Gentleman’s Dermalinfusion  

Exfoliates dead skin, evacuates ingrown hairs, oils and impurities Infuses cooling, calming, soothing agents into the skin.  Results are smooth, healthy skin with no irritation or downtime. For more information click here. 

$112/ $125    




Akela Hante Massage-Light to medium touch similar to Swedish

30/60/90 minutes        $75/$100/$130

Lavender Sage Muscle Relief-Deeper pressure

30/60/90 minutes       $80/$110/$140


Hot Stones - Massage Enhancement $15

Deep Tissue upgrade                           $15

 *No time for to take advantage of spa time at Akela, purchase a 30 minute massage and take off your shirt in the treatment room for specialized treatment on your neck and shoulders.