Men's Spa Services


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Akela Hante Massage - 60/75/90 minutes
Lavender Sage Muscle Relief - 60/75/90 minutes
Hot Stones - Massage Enhancement
Far Infrared Sauna - Massage Enhancement


Nail Services

Man Pedi

This specialized treatment revitalizes while improving the condition of feet in need of specialty care. Organic Male is designed to give special attention to provide relief for cracked heels, rough skin, and calluses.  

Includes a foot bath, scrub, callus softener, nail and cuticle care, and moisturizer.                     $65


Men's Haircuts and Beard Trims and Treatments available now



Men's Skin Fitness Treatment

Men’s skin differs significantly from women’s skin – we address this with a treatment and Organic Male products exclusively designed by men, for men.  We’ll quickly improve your skin, address your concerns and show you how to protect your appearance with an easy routine that requires less than 4 minutes to apply.  60 Min Service Includes hot towels, a warm oil neck and shoulder massage and Foot Loose citrus bamboo resurfacing foot scrub.

30/60 Minutes  $75/100                                                                                                                                              


Specialty Skin Care

Gentleman’s Dermalinfusion  

Exfoliates dead skin, evacuates ingrown hairs, oils and impurities Infuses cooling, calming, soothing agents into the skin.  Results are smooth, healthy skin with no irritation or downtime. For more information click here. 

$112/ $125