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**Please note if you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy we cannot schedule a massage. For the safety of all pregnant clients, the pregnancy massage is the only massage we are able to do for you and your precious bundle.


Couple Massage


Akela Hante Massage­­

Akela’s signature massage uplifts your senses with fragrant native Cedar Oil blended with Douglas fir.  Known as Hante in Lakota, cedar relaxes the mind while boosting immune function and easing muscle tension.  A sacred element in Native American culture, cedar is used to purify and heal.  Warm compresses help you relax while pure forest hydrosols soothe and hydrate.  Our Practitioners adapt their diverse advanced techniques, using light to medium pressure, to customize the massage for your specific needs. 
30/60/75/90 minutes  $75/$100/$115/$130


Lavender Sage Muscle Relief

Designed to release tight and fatigued muscles, this specialized massage focuses on therapeutic muscle work by using firmer pressure on specific areas for pain relief.  A special blend of wild sage and lavender oils is combined with a potent extract of  arnica to ease chronic muscle tension.  A combination of stretches, deep tissue work and heat provide intense relief to restore mobility and comfort.  Sage is revered in Native American ceremonies for releasing negative energies, cleansing, and purification.  

30/60/75/90 minutes  $80/$110/$125/$140


Wisdom of The Stones

Experience old wisdom while enjoying the latest technology in spa relaxation.  Radiant heat and regulated temperature persuades your muscles to relax and focus regenerative powers in specific areas.  Smooth heated stones are combined with a customized massage for muscle relief and relaxation – it’s the best of both worlds!  
75/90 minutes  $135/$150


Abla Kela Calming Massage

The inspiration for Akela is drawn from Abla Kela, meaning Calm in Lakota.  Using classic calming light touch massage techniques, this deeply relaxing and stress relieving therapy combines flowing soft strokes with Prickly Pear Oil extracts for their soothing effects in combination with pure essential oils of organic citrus, white magnolia and wild tansy for a fresh and deliciously fruity aroma.  Calming aloe vera hydrates and heals.
30/60/75/90 minutes  $70/$90/$105/$120


Pregnancy Massage – Mellow Mama

A completely relaxing full body massage uses our safe and effective pre-natal techniques and award-winning Omega-rich oils to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying that beautiful bump.  Enjoy wonderfully safe products created by the pregnancy experts at Mama Mio to care for you throughout your pregnancy.   We allow massage or body treatments after the first trimester (after the first three months of pregnancy)            

60 minutes  $105




Massage Duet or Couples Massage

Spend some relaxing time with your partner or  friend enjoying your choice of any massage in our beautifully designed massage suite.  Add a bath in our oversized tub for happy peacefulness, romance or deep relaxation.   All bath products are custom blended with aromatherapy oils mixed into a bath cream that creates lots of soft bubbles.  *Spa Suite services are $10 per service higher. Any massage, body treatments, or facials may be done in the duet suite.  Each person just chooses their service.  





Embrace tranquility and allow Akela spa to pamper you with this luxuriously relaxing massage                      90 minutes - $190


Akela Chakra Balancing

Embrace tranquility as 7 luxuriously blended oils bring balance to your body and mind.  Feel stress slip away as your senses are awakened with the delicate fragrance of Luminous, Tranquil, Inspired, Heartful, Radiant, Sensuous, and Vital organic oils. Each oil is vibrantly attuned to one of the seven basic chakras and invites relaxation and aligns the chakras so that your energy can flow in a balanced way.  This 75 minute massage eliminates toxins, restores vitality, and nourishes the whole person.

75 minutes $160



These enhancements may be incorporated into any massage to create a personalized experience.


Luminous Scalp and Hair Massage Oil Treatment

A luxurious treatment of organic Luminous oil by Body Bliss provides a sense of deep calm and relaxation.  Warmed oil is gently drizzled across the forehead and onto the crown of the head.   The goodness of Jojoba, Olive, Kikui Nut, and natural Vitamin E are massaged onto the scalp and hair.  Release tension as pure essential oils of Lavender Vera, Ylang, Ylang, Vetiver, and Clary Sage as leave hair beautifully hydrated and refreshed.   $25     

Hot Stones

Self-heating massage stones are the safest way to ensure a blissful hot stone experience.  Radiant heat and regulated temperature deeply relaxes and soothes muscles.  Perfect for neck, back and shoulders where additional tension relief is often needed.  $15


Deep Tissue Upgrade

Upgrade the massage you’re receiving with Deep Tissue techniques. Add stronger pressure on specific areas while working the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release tension. $15


Back Scrub

The back is an overlooked area that can always use some special attention.  Enjoy heated towels with an invigorating scrub/massage followed by a nourishing organic aloe and shea butter healing & restoring cream.  $20